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Lucky Cosmic Talisman Amulet

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Amuleto Talismán Cósmico para la Suerte, en costalito.


This Talisman, By His Natural Compositions And Perfect Combinations Of His Elements Serves To Do Vibrate The House And Clean The Bad And Negative Energies Programming To The Talisman. The Mix Of Natural Essences And Extracts Of Flowers And Plants Energetizeds Cósmicamente By The Strength Of The Magnet Reinforced With The Essential Extract And The Root Of Patchouly Of The Perfume And The Secret Balsams Of Voisin Give The Touch Of Strength In His Magic To Such Essence. The Quartz Is A Powerful Receptor Of Waves Biomagnéticas Which Helps Us To Atscrape Good And Positive Vibrations. They Use Also 7 Coins Which Help Us To Program Our Talisman To Our Purpose And Needs Like This Being Able To Manipulate To The Nature With Our Magic. With Instructions In The Interior.
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