Macuá Bird's Nest Amulet

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Amuleto especial para amarrar a la persona deseada, ayuda en el amor, sirve para los negocios y los juegos de azar.

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Nest Of The Bird Macua.  This Bird Is A Black Bird That Mates An Alone Time In The Life, And Whose Nests Consist In A Structure In Shape Of Sleeve Of 1 Metre Roughly. It Is Done Of Vegetables, Feathers And Other Soft Materials Hit With Saliva.  Some People Consider That The Nest Of The Bird Macúa Constitutes A Powerful Afrodisiaco When It Prepares Properly. Special Amulet To Tie Up To The Person Wished, Help In The Love, Serves For The Businesses And The Games Of Chance. It Includes Special Prayer To Achieve The Effectiveness Of The Amulet. If It Wishes Improve The Tie Up, Can Fill The Jar With A Bit Of Extract Of The Bird Macúa.
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