Rubber's Bracelet with Amulets
    • Rubber's Bracelet with Amulets

    Rubber's Bracelet with Amulets

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    Pulsera unisex de caucho - silicona con amuletos variados

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    Bracelet Of Rubber - Silicone With Amulets Varied. Elastic But Can Open Since The Tube Goes In To Pressure In The Stick. Bracelet Unisex Attractive And Simple, Special For The Summer. To Choose In Red Colours Or Black. Amulets To Choose: Simbolo Of The Peace In Mineral (Howlite), Elephant Of The Luck, Key Open Roads + Estrella David, Key Open Roads + Hand Fatima, Indicate That Colour And That Amulet Wish In The Separated "Observations" That Appears In The Screen Before Finalising The Request.

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