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Silvery Tetragrammaton 1,38 inch. with Lapis Lazuli

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The pentagrama esoteric or Crash Flamígera is the figure of the human body and represents the microcosmos. His symbology also represents the command of the spirit on the four elements (Air, Fire, Water and Tierra). With the point of his star upwards protects to his possessor and does to escape to the strengths of the bad. With the point of the star downwards serves of catchword to the strengths of the bad. Place in the threshold of a door does not allow the step of any be dark. Carried to the neck, protects to his possessor of any bad influence. In moments in that it require of a special strength of protection, take it with the right hand and will be armed. Improved with the LAPISLÁZULI
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The Pentagrama Esoteric Or Crash Flamígera Is The Figure Of The Human Body And Represents The Microcosmos. His Symbology Also Represents The Command Of The Spirit On The Four Elements (Air, Fire, Water And Tierra). With The point Of His Star Upwards Protects To His Possessor And Does To Escape To The Strengths Of The Bad. With The point Of The Star Downwards Serves Of Catchword To The Strengths Of The Bad. Place In The Threshold Of A Door Does Not Allow The Step Of Any Be Dark. Carried To The Neck, Protects To His Possessor Of Any Bad Influence. In Moments In That It Require Of A Special Strength Of Protection, Take It With The Right Hand And Will Be Armed. Improved With The Lapislázuli
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