St. Jude Thaddeus with Tetragrammaton Amulet

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Amuleto compuesto por la imagen de San Judas Tadeo y en el reverso del mismo el tetragramatón.

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Amulet In Shape Of Medal With The Image Of Saint Judas Tadeo, Reinforced With The Tetragramaton In His Reverso. Saint Judas Tadeo Is Invoked For Requests Of Boxs Dificiles And Desperate Causes. The Tetragramaton Tambien Is An Amulet With A Big Power That In This Box Us Help; To Do Ours Petitions To The Saint And His Protection. Amulet Made In An Aleacion Of Metales That It Gives Him A Tone Plateado And Copper Very Elegant. Size: 25 Mm. Diameter,
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