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Unicorn Dreamcatcher 6,3 inch.

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Atrapasueños modelo "UNICORNIO" 16 cms.

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Dreamcatcher Circulate Model Unicorn.The Legend On The Atrapasueños Explains That It Was Created By The Gods Venerated By The Red Skins To Protect Them Of The Bad.Situated In The Bedroom Pipes The Positive Dreams And Moves Away The Nightmares Of The Durmiente. The Legend Explains That If Have A Nightmare, This Remains Trapped In The Network Of The Atrapasueños, And The Primere Rays Of The Sun Burns It, Gliding His Ashes Through His Feathers Pendants.In A Living Room Avoids The Negatividad And Hostility, Propiciando Welfare And Harmony. Image Of The Orientative Photo, Can Change The Colour Exterior Of The Ring Of The Atrapasueños And The One Of The Feathers That Go To Game With The Same. 
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