Eau d'Hongrie Aggarbatis Incense. 16 Sticks

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Incienso Eau d´Hongrie basado en este reconocido aroma. Estuche con 16 varillas.
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Incense That Re-Creates The Exquisite Aroma Of The Perfume "Eau D'Hongrie".Elaborated With Bark Of Lemon, Rosemary And Lavender.In The Half Age, The Crusaders Bring Of Orient Prime And Technical Matters Of Perfumery. After The Chineses And Of The Arabes, The Alchemists Of Europe Discover The Alcohol Etílico And The Distillation. After The Trips Of Marco Polo, The Trade Of The Spices Intensifies Little By Little. It Exists A Belief In The Virtues Curativas And Desinfectantes Of The Good Smells, Until In The Epidemics : The Rich Carry Balls Of Full Perfume Of Musk, Of Amber Or Of Aromatic Resins. The Use Of The Perfume Accompanies The Birth Of Some Art To Live. The Poets Praised With Lyricism The Femininity. In Spite Of The Cautions Of The Church, The Galanes And His Beautiful Saborean The Sexual Pleasures In The Sensuality Of Bathrooms Perfumed.In 1390, When The Half Age Touches To His End, Appears The First Perfume Elaborated With Alcohol: The Water Of Hungary.  Estuchand Of 16 Wands Of 1 Hour Of Length Each One Aprox.
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