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Shungit Polished Stone

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Rodado de SHUNGIT (Shungita) tamaño grande
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Polished Stone Of Shungit (Shungita), Big Size, Of 35 To 50 Mm. Aprox.The Shungit Is A Powerful Mineral, To The That Attribute Him Numerous Properties. Only It Finds In A Zone Of The Earth, Specifically In The Russian Region Of Karelia.His Main Components Are:Coal: 30%,Quartz: 45%,Compound Silicates (Micas, Chlorites): 20%,Sulfatos: 3%,Other 2%.The Scientists Calculate That The Shungit Has At Least 2 Million Years Of Antiquity.His Main Property Is The One To Absorb All The Negative And Harmful For Our Organism, Especially The Electromagnetic Energy.In His Composition Have Found Fullerenes, Of Which Thinks That Can Help Against Some Types Of Cancer.It Is A Mineral Autolimpiable, And To His Time Can Use To Clean Other Stones And Glasses That Have. Also It Uses For Purificar The Water.By All This To The Shungit Knows Him Like The "Intelligent Stone".Price By Unit.
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