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Volcanic Lava Shamballa Bracelet For Men

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Shamballa volcanic lava bracelet, for men, made of macramé with three-tone gray hemp thread and 12 mm balls. (big size).

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Shamballa bracelet for men in volcanic lava made with gray hemp thread in three shades. Lava beads are large (12mm).

The volcanic lava stone has all the energy of fire and earth, thanks to this it is able to balance the energy of our environment and absorb negative energies from it. It also absorbs heat, to later release it little by little. This makes it very suitable for therapies. It frees us from stress and anxiety, taking it in our hands and meditating with it.

Lava stone is characterized by being very porous, and this is ideal for use in aromatherapy. By impregnating the stone with a few drops of our favorite essential oil, we can benefit from the properties of said oil.

A practical example would be, if we are very stressed, impregnate the beads of our bracelet with a few drops of lavender essential oil, which is ideal to calm down and relax.

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