Ritual Our Lady of Holy Death

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RITUAL A LA SANTÍSIMA MUERTE.- Figura de cera con ritual completo según petición, y color a elegir según la petición a realizar.
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Ritual To The Very Saint Death.  Red: To This Colour Relates Him With The Love And The Passion And In Effect The One Who Possesses A Saint With These Colours Will Help To That All Was In Harmony With Our Couple And With The People That Surround Us. Also It Represents The Emotional Stability. White: In This Box It Represents Lto Total Purification Where Want To That It Was, Help To Clean All Negative Energy, Mainly In The Homes Where Abound The Envies And The Grudges Between The Own Familiar. Black: The Black Colour In His Clothes Represents Us The Protection Tosuch. In Our House Or Business, Avoids That Between Any Type Of Work, Already Was Of Black Magic Or Velaciones Dark Against Of His Family Or In A Business And Frees It Of Spiritual Works That Want To Prejudice Him, Already Was Of Santería, Stick Mayombe Or Of Voodoo. Green: It Protects In The Health And Help In The Illnesses. Golden: It Represents The Economic Power, The Success,The Money.This Image Milagrosa Will Have To Carry His Clothes Of Golden Colour In His Whole, Ideal For The Businesses Or Trades. Plateado: To This Saint Death Do Him Requests To Solve Problems Of Legal Type Or Related With The Justice. In This Colour Is Very Frequent To See It In The Dispatches And Juridical Buffets. Very Venerated By The Lawyers.
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