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Triple Celtic Goddess Figure Resin Bronze
  • Triple Celtic Goddess Figure Resin Bronze

Triple Celtic Goddess Figure Resin Bronze

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Figure of the Celtic Triple Goddess. Representation of the three stages of female life. Made of resin, with a high quality bronze finish. Dimensions of the figure: 13.50 x 14 x 26 cm.

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Celtic Triple Goddess Figure

Figure that represents the Triple Celtic Goddess, in which the three stages in the life of women appear: maiden, mother and old woman. In turn, these three stages correspond to three lunar phases: waxing, full and waning respectively.

The Celtic Triple Goddess is a very important figure within the neopagan Wicca religion, characterized by being duotheistic, that is, she accepts the existence of two gods, the feminine (Triple Goddess) and the masculine (Horn God). Both complement and balance each other.

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