Esoteric Products

Esoteric products of all kinds, for you to choose

the one that best suits your needs at all times.

Baths, perfumes and extracts, soaps, and a host of

articles at your disposal.

Esoteric Products


  • Oils

    Esoteric oils, used mainly to anoint candles used in rituals. These oils can also be spread in corners of the house, added to scrubbing water, etc. There is a wide assortment, we will always choose the one that best suits our request.

  • Ritual Waters

    Waters prepared to use in rituals, petitions and offerings.

  • Cologne Waters

    Esoteric cologne waters, each containing the necessary ingredients to achieve the desired purpose.

  • Spray Air Fresheners

    Esoteric air fresheners, made with essences and ingredients indicated to provide the energies according to each purpose at the same time that our home or business is perfumed.

  • Amulets

    Amulets and talismans, small objects that carrying them with us will help us protect ourselves and achieve our goals.

  • Esoteric Colonies and...

    Wide assortment of colognes and esoteric perfumes, which we can use like our usual perfumes, and which are made to achieve our purposes, both loving and for luck, protection, etc.

  • Bath Gel

    Esoteric bath gel, to be used in our bath or shower, prepared to attract love, luck, protection, etc. You can choose between all of them, surely you will find the one that suits your needs.

  • Extracts

    Perfumes in extract format, more concentrated than a generic perfume, and that will help us achieve our goals, mainly love ones.

  • Floor Cleaners

    Esoteric floor cleaners, prepared to perform energetic cleaning of our environment (home, business, etc.). They will help us to keep the place where we live or work clean of negative energies. Especially indicated when we enter to live in a new house.

  • Pheromones Line

    Line of products made to attract our partner through quality pheromones, (not human) based on molecules that work through the olfactory pathway.

  • Gold Range

    Line of esoteric products enriched with gold particles, a metal that has always been related to good luck in business and economically in general.

  • Offal-Baths

    The offal-baths are used to discharge negative energies in general or on the contrary, to charge us with positive energies related to an end that we want to achieve. They are generally used by mixing the contents of the container with water.

  • Esoteric Soaps

    Wide range of esoteric soaps, to use as a normal hand soap. Each of them is made with the necessary ingredients to achieve a specific purpose (love, luck, protection, etc.)

  • Esoteric Powders

    Assortment of esoteric powders, each of them to achieve a specific purpose. These powders can be used by anointing candles with them, sprinkling around corners of the house, etc.

  • Santeria Products

    Special esoteric products for use in rituals and offerings, and whose use generally originates in ancient religions, mainly Santeria.

  • Incense-Herbs

    Assortment of dried natural herbs, to be used in incense and cleansing and protection rituals. Here you will also find ready-made mixes of herbs and incense for requests.

  • Vinegars

    Esoteric vinegars, to be used in rituals and offerings, are very powerful and effective elements to achieve our ends, mainly the destruction of magic and hexes that they may have sent us.

  • Esoteric Symbology

    Articles of esoteric symbolism, special to take with us, whether in pendant, bracelet, etc. They mainly serve as protection, although they can also help us achieve luck, fortune, love, fertility, etc.

  • Tapestries

    Tapestries, and in general textile articles related to the esoteric world, through their symbolism.

  • Energetized Jewelery

    Range of handmade bracelets and pendants that have been energized by essences, minerals and therapies (reiki).

  • Angelic Range

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