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Antahkarana colgante plata 1ª ley y ónix negro.
  • Antahkarana colgante plata 1ª ley y ónix negro.

Antahkarana Pendant Onyx Sterling Silver 1,57 inch.

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Antahkarana sterling silver medallion pendant 4 cm. and black onyx. 

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Millennial tradition symbol. It is believed to have come from Lemuria, one of the lost continents. It acts as a bridge between two realities, the physical and the spiritual, or the lower mind and the superconscious. It connects us with our unlimited higher self just by having it in the visual field.

Other properties are attributed to it: It helps to recover from any disease. Clean objects, people, spaces and minerals. Under our mattress it will promote good dreams and rest. It energizes the food and drink we ingest if it is placed nearby. Located near electronic devices will reduce harmful radiation. Relieves excruciating pain and distress in dramatic situations. Neutralizes dense and negative energies. Amplify healing with laying on of hands or Reiki.

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