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Storax Incense Case of 20 Sticks
  • Storax Incense Case of 20 Sticks

Storax Incense Case of 20 Sticks

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Storax incense, case of 20 sticks. Environment cleaner and drives away bad spirits.

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Storax Incense

Storax incense sticks, case of 20 units. A wide genus of trees and shrubs are called storax, among which there are a large number of varieties, all of them with the common denominator of belonging to the Styracaceae family and some of them widely used in perfumery and cosmetics.

Storax incense is characterized by its slightly sweet and relaxing aroma. At an esoteric level we can use it to energetically clean environments and spaces, as well as scare away bad spirits from them. It is a perfect alternative to use together with other cleaning incenses such as rue or rosemary. It is highly advisable to use it in newly acquired houses and businesses in order to eliminate the bad vibes that may remain from the previous inhabitants of these spaces.

Hari Darshan

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