Shunguit Massage Wand
    • Shunguit Massage Wand
    • Shunguit Massage Wand

    Shunguit Massage Wand

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    Massage Wand Of Shungit (Shungita)Size: 7,5 Cms. Largo X 1,8 Cm. Diameter Aprox.Special For Therapies, For Massage And Like Relajante, Especially For Reflexology.It Presents An Extreme Rounded And The Another In Shape Of point, This Last Special For Plant Offeet And Ma Us.The Shungit, With Appearance Of Coal, Finds Only In A Concrete Zone Of Russia Called Karelia, And Possesses A Big Quantity Of Properties.They Call Him The Intelligent Stone Or The Black Hole By His Properties Of Attraction Electromagnethical. This Stone Absorbs And Deletes All What Results Harmful For The Health Of The People. Has The Capacity Even Of Purificar The Water That Drink, Clean The Other Stones That Have,And Balance Our Organism .The Big Interest By This Mineral Comes Given By The Existence In His Composition Of The Fullerenos, That Are Forms Alotrópicas Of Carbon, And That Are Related With Some Treatments Against The Cancer.
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