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White Desert Rose Rock

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Rosa del desierto natural tamaño medio. Pieza natural compuesta de agua, yeso y arena.
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The Rose Of The Desert, Originaria Mainly Of The Desert Of The Sahara, Forms Mainly By Diverse Layers Of Plaster, Water And Sand. The Plaster Crystallises Of Very Diverse Forms, And In Some Occasions These Forms Asemejan The Petals Of A Rose, From Here That It Know Him With This Name. In Addition To Serving Like Decorative Piece, The Rose Of The Desert Possesses A Wide Variety Of Properties, Is Mainly Generadora Of Enesrgía Psiquica, Is Very Appropriate Against Lto Anxiety, To Move Away Negatividades And Like Antiestrés. Size Aprox. 8 Cms. Note.- Due To The Fact That It Treats Of A Natural Product, His Form Can Vary Slightly To Which Presents In The Image, Although We Can Certify That The Appearance And Beauty Of The Pieces Supplied Is Guaranteeed.
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