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Orgonite 7 Chakras Pyramid

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Orgonite pyramid of the 7 chakras. Available in large size (7x7 cm. Base) and small (4x4 cm. Base). PRICES PER UNIT

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Orgonite pyramid 7 chakras, 2 sizes to choose from. This energy transmuter is increasingly known, orgonite is basically composed of 3 elements: metal (mainly in shavings) and copper, resin and quartz. It is said to be a transmuter as it transforms the negative energy that we accumulate in our body. The energy that is attracted to the orgonite by the metal is treated by the quartz that works this energy and the resin, which is the transparent part of the piece, is what makes the union between the other elements. Then, depending on the type of mineral that is added, it will also provide its properties. The orgonite, it is advisable not to move it from where we initially place it, since it needs a period of time to begin to perform its work. It can also help us sleep better by placing it near the bed. Sizes to choose from: 7x7 cm or 4x4 cm.

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