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colgante shungit generador, punta hexagonal
  • colgante shungit generador, punta hexagonal

Generator Shungite Pendant (Hexagonal Tip)

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Shungite pendant, pointed hexagonal shape. The pieces with this hexagonal shape, finished in a point, with the 6 regular faces, are known as "generators", since precisely because they have this geometric distribution, they have the ability to generate force and radiate it with great intensity. Tip size: 4x1 cms. approx. Delivered with cotton cord.

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Shungite generator pendant, size approx. 4x1 cms. Shungite or shungite is one of the minerals that, although they are not as "veteran" as tourmaline, have entered the world of gemology with great force, especially due to the countless properties attributed to it.

It is considered a "smart" stone, since it directs its action where it is needed. It is self-cleaning, purifying even drinking water, it can be used as a poultice for joint pain, and countless other uses.

If you want to go a little deeper into shungite, its origins, properties, etc ... we recommend the book "Extreme protection shungite".


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