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Moonstone Pendant Tiny Pear

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Colgante de Piedra Luna tipo "perita" con cordón.
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Pendant Of Stone Moon Polished Stone Type "Tiny Pear".The Stone Moon Or Adularia Is Originaria Of The Indian, In Where It Is Considered Like A Holy Stone. It Is Considered The Stone Of The Woman, Since All The Concerning The Moon Goes Intimamente Tied To The Feminine (Lunar Cycle). One Of His Properties Is The One To Help In Desarreglos Menstruales, Protects Against The Esterilidad And Is Protective In Problems Of The Childbirth.Size 2,5 Cm. Aprox. It Delivers With Cord Of wax cotton Black, Adjustable To Measure.Note.- When Being A Natural Product, Is Possible That Can Vary Slightly To The That Appears In The Photography, Since They Do Not Exist Two Exactly Equal Pieces.
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