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Nuummite Heart Shape Pendant

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Nuummite pendant, heart-shaped. Size approx. 25-30 mm. Includes adjustable waxed cotton cord with knots.

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Nuummite pendant heart shape. The Nuummite is a very old stone, known as the "sorcerer's stone", and it attracts with its dark color, which can reveal other shades of color, mainly gold. Its name comes from its geographical area of origin, Nuuk, in Greenland.

This stone is characterized by its high vibration, it is protective, deeply rooted in the earth and closely related to the root chakra.

On the other hand, it is very appropriate to use against the most powerful levels of magic and sorcery that have been sent to you.

All this makes the Nuummite a magical stone, somewhat mystical and that just by observing it carefully we can intuit that we are facing a fantastic stone.

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