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Quartz Druse Various Sizes (Unique Pieces)
  • Quartz Druse Various Sizes (Unique Pieces)

Quartz Druse Various Sizes (Unique Pieces)

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Rock crystal quartz druses, various sizes and weights. They are unique pieces and correspond to those that appear in the images. Special offer.

PIECE Nº 1: Size: 9x9x4 cms. Weight: 360 gr.

PIECE No. 2: Size: 6x6x5 cms. Weight: 200 gr.

PIECE No. 3: Size: 13x7x4 cms. Weight: 300 gr.

PIECE Nº 4: Size: 11x10x6 cms. Weight: 600 gr.

PIECE No. 5: Size: 10x5x4 cms. Weight: 160 gr.

PIECE Nº 6: Size: 10x9x5 cms. Weight: 350 gr.

PIECE Nº 7: Size: 8x7x4 cms. Weight: 300 gr.

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Rock crystal quartz druses, in various sizes and weights. They are natural, totally irregular and are characterized by the different sizes of the tips that form them. Quartz drusen are excellent energy enhancers, they are ideal for meditation. We can also use them to clean other smaller stones that we have.

In the photo there is also a piece of OLIVINE in the rough, it is also a unique piece. Olivine is recognized for its different shades of green. When it is transparent, it is called PERIDOT. Olivine is an energetic and emotional cleansing stone.


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