Yemayá Figura Acabado Bronce
  • Yemayá Figura Acabado Bronce

Orisha Statue Yemaya Goddess 27 cms.

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Figure of Yemaya, goddess of the waters, in resin, bronze finish. Size: 27.5 cms. height. YEMAYA INCENSE GIFT

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Figure of Yemaya, one of the best known deities of the Yoruba religion. She is Oshun's sister. It is considered the owner of the waters and the sea, from whose immensity the source of all life emerges. It is symbolized in different ways, but always with the sea as the main element, especially the waves, its dance resembles their movement. Yemayá is the mother of all, she represents fertility and motherhood. In Santeria it is syncretized with the Virgin of Regla. Figure made of resin, with an elegant tan finish. Size: 27.5x13x11.5 cms. height.

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