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Malachite Cabochon Ring
  • Malachite Cabochon Ring
  • Malachite Cabochon Ring

Malachite Cabochon Ring

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Anillo malaquita tipo cabujón. Adaptable


Ring Cabochon Malachite Composed By The Cabochon Of Malachite And The Ring Metal Rodiado Plateado. Adaptable To Distinct Measures. The Malachite Is A Stone That Characterises For Being Highly Equilibradora In Emotional Problems, Acts In Energetic Blockades, Help To Surpass Fears And Phobias, And Ands Protective Against The Bad Of Eye, As Well As Cleansing And Activator Of The Chakras.  To Physical Level, Is Recommended For Ocular Problems, For The Respiratory System And To Relieve The Pains. Aesthetically It Is A Very Beautiful Stone, Of Green Colour Intenso And With Veto Practically Concentric. Size Of The Cabochon: 25X20 Mm. Aprox.
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