Big Candle Seven Wicks Colours PUK

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Velón siete mechas PUK "Tumba Trabajos", colores a elegir. Altura: 15 cms.
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Big Candle Seven Wicks Puk  "Grave Works"  For Different Uses According To His Colour: Red.- To Break Enchantments Of Love. Yellow.- To Break Works That Affect To Our Economy. White.- For Any Type Of Request. Green.-  To Break Works Que Affect To Our Health, Black.- For Works Of Protection And Break Maleficios. Seven Colours: The Red Serves For Tumbar Works Of The Love. The Orange Serves For Tumbar Works In The Economic The Blue Serves For Tumbar Works Done To Prevent Think Or Concentrate You The White Serves For Tumbar All Work In The Spiritual Section The Green Serves For Tumbar All Work Done In My Way The Purple Serves For Tumbar All Work Done To My Person,
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