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Incense Pack "Spiritual" by Anne Stokes

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Incense pack "Spiritual" by Anne Stokes. Based on the fantastic worlds of Anne Stokes, these incenses transport us to them through the olfactory sensations they offer us. The pack includes 6 different cases of 20 rods each. Ideal for gifts.

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Incense pack "Spiritual" by Anne Stokes. Composed of 6 different cases, of 20 rods each, all of them with a common denominator: the magic of their aromas.

It includes:

- MYSTIC AURA. Lavender scent; GLIMPSE OF A UNICORN. Sandalwood scent; DRAGONKIN: Patchouli scent; WATER DRAGON: White Musk scent; OAK KING: White Sage scent, SPIRIT GUIDE: Frangipani scent.

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