Nag Champa Satya Incense

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Incense Nag Champa of Satya. The inconfundible incense of the blue box. Possibly the incense más known of the world.Sweet and intense aroma, but balanced. Very good duración and fijación in the environment, but without saturarlo. Perfume very special created in the monkeysterios hindús and Buddhist of Indian and Nepal. Box of 15 gr. In sticks
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Incense Nag Champa Of Satya. The Inconfundible Incense Of The Blue Box. Possibly The Incense MÁS Known Of The World.Sweet And Intense Aroma, But Balanced. Very Good DuraciÓN And FijaciÓN In The Environment, But Without Saturarlo. Perfume Very Special Created In The Monkeysterios HindÚS And Buddhist Of Indian And Nepal. Box Of 15 Gr. In Sticks
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