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Ratnamala Incense

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Incense RATNAMALA, is one of the incenses Premium of Sital. It offers us a sweet and soft perfume. It manufactures manually with natural flowers, grasses, spices and oils, dominating an aroma to amber that transports us to an oriental atmosphere of relaxation. Without place to doubts, an incense of 5 stars. Hexagonal Box 20 gr.
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Incense Ratnamala, Is One Of The Incenses Premium Of Sital. It Offers Us A Sweet And Soft Perfume. It Manufactures Manually With Natural Flowers, Grasses, Spices And Oils, Dominating An Aroma To Amber That Transports Us To An Oriental Atmosphere Of Relaxation. Without Place To Doubts, An Incense Of 5 Stars. Hexagonal Box 20 Gr.
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