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The Angel of Dreams - Doreen Virtue -Melissa Virtue

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cards oracle "THE ANGEL OF THE DREAMS" Doreen Virtue - Melissa Virtue. Book + 55 cards.
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Every Night, While It Sleeps, His Angels, His Unaware And The Universe Advise Him, Answer To His Questions And Send Him Signals. Comprising And Assimilating His Messages, Will Be Able To Take The Reins Of His Life And To Enjoy Of A True Therapy Through The Dream. In This Glorious Box Will Discover 55 Beautiful Cards, With The Illustration Each Orna Of A Fundamental Oneiric Symbol That Will Be Able To Interpret Thanks To The Book That Accompanies Them. It Will Appease Like This His Interests, Will Light The Unseen Facets Of His Unaware And Will Be Able To Explode The Power Of His Dreams To Transform His Reality. It Includes Explanatory Book Beside 55 Cards.
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